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2008 Olympic Games is coming !!!

We are the manufauturer of JGL(Jiangaole) height increasing shoes ,we professionally provide with good quality, low price and newest styles of JGL height increase shoes.JGL height increasing shoes with hidden increaser will invisibly increase by 2.0-4.0 inches taller.We welcome customers(home and abroad) no matter small or big to do business with us .

In appreciation for our customer's continued support and in the spirit of the Olympic games, Our company is giving away one Friendlies( FuWas ) for every order placed during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (We can send a gift from August 1, 2008 to August 31, 2008)So place your orders now for high quality height-increasing shoes and lovable mascots that carry a message of friendship and peace.

Hurry limited stocks available.For any queries, please contact Email/MSN: elevatingshoes@hotmail.com elevatingshoes@yahoo.cn

Online shop: http://www.elevatingshoes.com

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21ST CENTURY SHOES - Hot sell height increasing shoes at www.elevatingshoes.com

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Height Increasing Shoes - Elevator Shoes - Elevating Shoes

21st Century Shoes Co.,Ltd is a height increasing shoes factory in Guangxi, China, established in 2001, specializes in manufacture men and women's height increasing dress shoes, leisure shoes and boots, which makes you 5-10cm taller instantly.

JGL(Jiangaole) height increasing elevator leather shoes with PU hidden increaser will invisibly increase your height by 2-4 inches taller without losing any comfort.Men and women who want to be taller should give our elevator height increasing shoes a trial. JGL(Jiangaole) height increasing elevator shoes are the ideal shoes for you.

We can have order production of elevator shoes and stok shoes trade. with exportation to Europe, USA, Korea, Japan and some other southeast Asian countries.

We welcome customers(home and abroad) no matter small or big to do business with us.

If you are interested in our shoes,please feel free to contact us by mail/msn.

Contact: Miss Hu

Phone: 0086-777-2366708

Fax: 0086-777-2366086

Skype: salienceshoes

E-Mail/MSN: elevatingshoes@hotmail.com


Website: http://www.elevatingshoes.com

Company: 21st Century Shoes Co.,Ltd.

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